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Corporate ERP


Armadillo Amarillo based on its experience detects the need in its customers to have organized the internal information of the company and its employees. The internal information is normally stored in several independent systems, which increases the management time of this information. It is necessary to have a scalable system that allows integration with other specific corporate systems such as CRM, or ERP.

  • Armadillo Amarillo has made an investment of 45,500 € in 2014-2015 for the creation of a scalable, modular and comprehensive system to solve the internal management of companies.
  • This solution has been successfully implemented in more than 5 companies. However, in Armadillo Amarillo we use it internally so that the product has a cycle of tests and permanent evolution.
  • In our success cases there is a saving of 35% on average in the time spent in internal information management.

It is a system based on modules: users, hours and expenses, work calendar, project management, business management, resources, human resources, documents, profiles and CV, messaging, document management, task management …

Armadillo Amarillo

February 22, 2018